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    I am in my late 50s and met my match on Baha'i Mingle. We both had been divorced for some years, with grown up children. Your site was the vehicle that brought us together, and from bottom of our hearts, we appreciate that. Even though, our profiles are no longer available on your site, our thoughts are with you and your users. We hope all single Baha'is find their right match on your site as we did. Barbara & Mike
  • Boston To Los Angeles
    We meet online through and have traveled back and froth from Boston to Los Angeles in order to get to know one another better. So far so good. Thank you for bringing us together. Mike
  • We meet online
    I am a Bahai from Phoenix, AZ. He is a Bahai from Toronto, Canada. We meet online about four months ago, through We would have never been able to connect with each other if it wasn't because of this site. We are now starting to talk about engagement and forming a family. My dreams have come true as far as meeting my dream guy. Life is so much more beautiful when you are in love. Bahareh
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